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Teeth-whitening is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures in dentistry. We all desire a charming smile irrespective of the way we carry ourselves. As a result, the idea of teeth whitening might have come to your mind at some point or the other.

Well, not a bad thought!

But, before you go for this procedure, let’s have a look at some interesting facts about teeth whitening.

Why do your teeth get stained at all?

Your dentist must be frequently warning you against the consumption of tea, coffee, dark chocolates, berries or even the tomato sauce! These foods seem to stain your teeth very easily and make them yellowish and discolored in course of time.

Have you ever wondered, why so? Why do your teeth get discolored with the intake of some foods and beverages?

The answer is our teeth have pores quite similar to that of our skin. These pores absorb the microparticles of the things that we consume. The stains become somewhat permanent and do not seem to go away with normal brushing and cleaning. Thus teeth-whitening products have gained popularity among individuals. They actually get absorbed themselves and simply push the stains out!

Do teeth whitening damage your teeth in any way?

In fact, hard and aggressive brushing might affect the enamel of your teeth. It also sometimes causes injury to the gums leading to a gum bleed! But, professional tooth whitening is incredibly safe. Even if you are using whitening products at home, applying the right quantity of hydrogen peroxide does not really affect your teeth in any way. Rather, the whitening ingredients temporarily open up the pores and aids in lifting the stains. As for the mineralization and hydration of your teeth, after the whitening process, your teeth undergo these two processes naturally.

The delivery device for your whitening is most important

The key to the efficacy of a whitening product is the device that is being used to hold the whitening agent above your teeth. Trays come custom-fitted. More perfect the fit, more effective will be your entire whitening process. It actually ensures that every angle of every tooth receives and even and sufficient amount of coverage. Unlike whitening strips, UV rays, etc. the custom-fitted trays eliminate the chances of inconsistencies in the end results of whitening.

Sensitivity post a teeth whitening session is normal

One might have naturally sensitive teeth. In fact, that is the case with more than 50% of the Americans.  It could be either genetic or due to a damaged tooth. In such cases, it is completely normal for your teeth to be sensitive. It, however, disappears within 12 to 36 hours post the treatment.

Sensitivity actually occurs because the teeth become temporarily dehydrated during the process. This removes their ability to insulate the nerve from changes in temperature. Thus, experts often prefer giving a post-whitening fluoride treatment to your teeth in order to nourish and rehydrate them.

Whitening cannot be achieved overnight

There is no product in the market that can yield results within a day or overnight. Chemically, it is impossible to penetrate deep enough at that speed. Had it been so, dentists would no longer be required to pay such high fees to prepare custom-fitted trays! Ideally, whitening takes a span of 4 days to even several months to remove years of stain. And such results are incredibly long-lasting!

The best time for whitening is bedtime

Just immediately after whitening, the teeth remain susceptible to re-staining. Since the pores in the teeth are now open, therefore they tend to invite stains more easily. Hence, experts opine that the best time to whiten your teeth is just before bed. That gives your teeth to rehydrate and re-mineralize. This reduces the chances of your teeth getting re-stained.

A flawless teeth whitening service, therefore, takes into account a number of factors. Since your teeth bleaching is a cosmetic procedure, market competition and exaggerated advertisements tend to embed a lot of improper ideas into people who crave for whiter teeth.  Keeping a clear idea about the procedure and its associated dos and don’ts is really important.

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